Welcome to the Lab! Browse the Documents to get you orientated to who we are, what we do and how you can help!

This manual was inspired by a post by Mariam Aly on twitter, where she referenced her own here: (https://osf.io/mdh87/wiki/home/). This is a living document that will grow and evolve as we do.


To Do/Read in your first week

Culture and Philosophy

Team Members and Expectations

Feedback and Communication

Choosing your research project

Training & Lab Methods

Lab Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

Papers to Read


Taking time off: Planned and Unplanned

Can you write me a rec letter?

Helpful Documents

Study Document Templates

Publication/review templates

Power Analysis Resources


Student Template

Branding and Resources

UofSC Branding & Templates

Resources for Science, Productivity and Side Hustles

Lab Group

Lab items